Women’s Voices Matter

A Collaborative Culture

Designed to Empower Women to Articulate their Authentic Self




Our team leaders and mentors have overcome some of the obstacles you may be struggling with right now.

They’ve walked the path you’re walking. Felt the opposition, dealt with their fears, and found the strength to speak their truth. Even when their voice was shaky. Even when the opportunities paled in comparison to those afforded to their male colleagues.

We are the women who are defining success, creating opportunities and shaping how things get done.

We are young, and old. We are quiet, and bold.

We come in all shapes and sizes, from every background and different corners of the world. We are brilliant, beautiful, talented, and we are ready to make our voices heard.

For women who are so busy taking care of everyone and everything, they’ve lost sight of their wants and needs, goals and dreams. For women who have buried their voice deep within their fear of what others would think. For women with a message to share, but no platform to share it on. For women who are ready to step up, find their voice and lead.

All too often, women get bogged down in the day to day chaos of our busy schedules – managing the household, caring for family members, balancing the budget, building our careers, staying healthy and trying to enjoy every messy second while posting our high light reels on social media. No wonder we lose our drive, let go of our vision, forget we have a voice. And in the process, we lose ourselves to the chaos.

This mastermind and mentoring group was created with you in mind.

What You Will Get

Mentoring from our team to help you:

  • Learn to be your best advocate
  • Strengthen your self confidence
  • Reinforce that speaking up begins at home
  • Speak with Authority – for any personality
  • Overcome biases, sexism and discrimination
  • Eliminate victim-speak from your dialogue
  • Foster an empowering culture in your business so every woman can thrive
  • Create your own opportunities
  • Plot out your financial independence
  • Establish boundaries in your relationships
  • Feel pride in promoting yourself
  • And so much more…

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Women's Voices Matter, Founder

Hi, I’m Cathy Wendland-Colby, a serial entrepreneur, chiropractor, wife and mother, fitness professional and international speaker. I’ve worked my ass off to break through the glass ceiling of the speaking world, and I know what it takes to help you achieve your goals. We’ve brought together some of the most prominent women leaders, coaches and speakers to help you find your authentic voice. Women in business, entrepreneurs and professionals all with a common vision of making SHIFT happen, with a firm belief that “Together, we rise.”


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