Introducing Teri Pfleger

I am energetic and passionate with all my roles as an owner of a social media company, speaker, wife and mother! My mission is to empower business owners to leverage social media and give them the tools to make their business thrive!

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Teri is a social media guru and founder of Social Media Marketing.  She is a graduate of Western Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree and a graduate degree from Saginaw Valley State University.  Teri has been working her social media magic for her clients for the past 6 years and is the social media go-to person for the League of Chiropractic Women (LCW), Georgia Council of Chiropractic, and several Universities.  She also travels around the country empowering and inspiring others to use social media to help their business grow.

Teri Pfleger's Signature Presentations

Teri has a gift of contagious enthusiasm and immediately connects with her audience. She delivers with energy, humor and most importantly content that can be immediately used when getting back to the office.

Leverage social media pages and closed groups for networking, referrals and new patients.

This talk is designed for those who want to use social media to build their practice, increases their ROI, do it on a low budget, not put a lot of time into it and get new patients!


Advanced social media targeted ads to increase new patients

This is a talk for those that already have social media, have posted and worked it and have not seen their desired results. This is for those that are ready to learn the absolute latest in social media targeted advertising, retargeting of those who have watched your videos, custom audiences and for those that are ready Facebook ads to bring in new patients. During this presentation we are interactive by showing you exactly how to achieve this and encourage participation with creating ads and asking questions.


Social Media Divide and Concur

This talk is designed specifically for chiropractic offices that can’t keep up with all of the constant changes and demands of social media platforms, those that don’t have a full time staff member to do all of their marketing or for those that need help understanding the fundamentals of productively engaging on social media. This talk will provide them with a rock solid foundation of exactly what social media platforms to use and what is essential to do in order to grow their business. They will leave understanding and empowered to navigate the social media world and know how to use social media to get new patients!


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Teri's audience will leave feeling empowered and inspired to use social media to massively grow their business!

Getting to know Teri Pfleger

  • I worked my way through college as a resident advisor, in addition to a full-time job in which I rode my bike to work every day. Paying for college was my daily focus. I did not have the money to buy books so I spent the time I was not working in the library studying. I successfully graduated with a bachelor and masters degree!
  • I was a single mother of 4 and needed to support my children. I saw the tremendous power of social media 7 years ago and built my own social media company from the ground up. I now have many employees and we have shattered every goal!

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