Introducing Shirley Gutkowski

Shirley Gutkowski has been thrilling audiences with fun and exciting ways of approaching health since 2001.

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Shirley’s courses are enthralling!

No more faking a migraine and asking for full credit after leaving early. Shirley’s courses are enthralling and cutting edge. Fun facts, fun stories, plus Shirley’s rapier wit permeate her courses.

Experienced and Accomplished

Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH practiced clinical dental hygiene in and around Madison, WI from 1986 to 2003 when she focused her energy on writing and speaking.  Still occasionally practicing today she has multiple opportunities to see dentistry in action.

 Today, Gutkowski is known as an international speaker having brought the message of minimal intervention, risk assessment and management, and wholistic health care, globally through her business Cross Link Presentations. Her writing covers topics from medicinal sugars to Darwinian facial changes priming people to snoring. Her podcast truly links medicine, dentistry, and consumers covering a range of topics not often heard together.

Shirley is the 2008 Distinguished Alumna of Marquette University School of Health Science in Dental Hygiene, a recipient of the Leadership Award from the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry, the 2006 – 2007 President of the Wisconsin Dental Hygienists’ Association Her startup, Primal Air, is an airway business. She sees clients with airway disorders like snoring, tongue thrusting, restless legs, failed orthodontics, and TMJ.


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Shirley's Gutkowski's Signature Presentations

My programs are highly individualized for each group. As my main audiences have been professional dental groups each of these topics will be designed to address the unique needs of the audience.

The Airway

How structures of the face have changed due to the changes in nutrition and epigenetics and iatrogenics have impeded the airway. 

How the airway relates to health, how we overlook it and what to look for

PowerPoint live presentation, webinar and audience interactions

Professional Learners will know how to identify airway issues.

Consumer Learners will know how to ask their health care providers how to find answers to alleviate conditions that stem from airway issues.

Preventive Oral Care

What to do about cavities, how to prevent them and what can be done before a filling is necessary.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Dental decay, periodontal disease are both impacted and impacting health. Dental diseases as a canary in the coal mine.

PowerPoint presentations that include video clips and time to stand and stretch every 45 minutes or so for longer programs.

Professional Learners will know that dental decay and periodontal disease are both bacterial pH mitigated diseases that may be the first sign of a systemic disorder. They will also learn how to recommend simple food based ways to help their patients reduce dental infections.

Consumer Learners will know how to reduce dental costs, how to shift blame back to their professional care providers, and ways to improve their own oral and systemic health without being beaten with dental floss.

What Shirley Does for Your Audience?

Event coordinators report to me that they feel invigorated and optimistic for the future. I've done nearly all of my speaking to dental audiences. I hope to do the same for any audience.

  • I give them tools to use on Monday.
  • I give them time to process new information.
  • Keep them engaged, they stay for the whole talk, they are empowered to do things differently the next day.


Gutkowski trains dentists, dental hygienists, and an array of health care providers from Chiropractors to Naturopaths to include OMT evaluations into their service mix. They will feel a little unsettled as they grapple with new ways to look at old concepts/problems. Then excited by new possibilities. 

She is also currently in the search for a literary agent to represent her new recipe book for consumers who want to keep their teeth, and live more healthfully. It is her first book for consumers.

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Globally to American speaking audiences. I've spoken in Europe, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. I have an active passport and will go anywhere.

Get to Know Shirley

Shirley resides in Sun Prairie, WI, is married to her husband Mark and is the mother of five sons and grandma to two perfect children.

  • I've been married for over 40 years, although I'm a rugged looking 29 year old.
  • I'm the mother of five sons, now groan (sic).
  • I can make any health conversation circle back to oral hygiene or oral health.



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