Introducing Kimberly Goreham

My mission is to equip Chiropractic professionals with marketing and training tools they need to make a spectacular and healing difference in the world. I live joyously, love and promote the Chiropractic lifestyle every day...for life! I'm in it to WIN it!

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Kimberly's Career Highlights

  • Over 22 Years of Chiropractic Marketing Experience
  • Well respected International Speaker
  • Team Teacher @ Parker Chiropractic College
  • Marketing Instructor @ Life West Chiropractic College
  • Speaker for State and International Organizations
  • 1 Million+ New Patient Sign-Ups and climbing
  • Life's mission is to spread the healing message of Chiropractic to the world and beyond!

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Kimberly Goreham is a well respected International speaker with over 22 Years of Chiropractic marketing experience.


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