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Dr. Traci Szemkus speaks with authority on the power of the human spirit and potential for every person on this planet. She started as a teenage mother on welfare and continued on to build multiple seven figure businesses from the ground up. Her experience in business is diverse: she is the founder of The Branding Guru, Brandathon Weekends, The Branding Booth and Girl 2 Guru; as well as being the co-founder of Branding your Communication, The Balanced Spine, Cloud Dueling and Brandathon Masterminds. Traci's life experience has added a multitude of profound and powerful lessons that few professionals have the opportunity to bring to the table. Scroll down through example after example of Traci's branding capabilities....from headshots to online course instruction & production to native software development and everything in between, she has the track record and experience to back up the hype that constantly surrounds her.

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Brandathon Weekends, Founder

Three days of extraordinary insights, action and PROGRESS within a very unconventional event.

From interactive round tables, one-on-one sessions to speed-round feedback & peer presentations. Around every corner there will be some exciting revelation or insight add to your FINISHED projects going home with you.

The Branding Booth, Founder

The Branding Booth is an event organizer’s dream. It is the life of the party and the talk of the town for weeks to come. It’s a content producer that will literally make your brand look like the best thing since sliced bread. If the presence of the booth wasn’t attractive enough, we have included the best lighting, cameras and technology available on today’s market in order for you to get crystal clear images and video of your brand ambassadors-I mean ahem, guests.

Traci brings experience, fun and media to your Events!

Dr. Traci Szemkus is an in-demand professional who travels the globe creating media to brand executives, entrepreneurs, and events.

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Event Promotion

Traci produced a promotional, fast-paced video to announce speakers for Make Your Impact in Atlanta Georgia.


Headshots Galore

Traci has an eye for framing professionals in order to stand out on today's crowded social media scene.


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