Introducing Dr. Satya Sardonicus

Dr. Satya Sardonicus, DC, CACCP, is the founder of Little Adjustments chiropractic clinic and Biotensegrity Global, an innovative postgraduate education company that teaches practitioners to personalize patient care using an integrative individualized healing approach to optimize neurological, structural, energetic, and emotional function. A second generation chiropractor, Dr. Sardonicus is the creator of Integrative Therapeutic Resonance, a groundbreaking treatment method that teaches patients how to harness their own intelligent healing capabilities to facilitate lasting recovery and promote increased stability and internal resilience.

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Dr. Satya Sardonicus speaks around the globe in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Getting to know Dr. Satya Sardonicus

  • I was mysteriously ill for nearly a decade, with severe muscle weakness, pain, and progressive neurological dysfunction, before turning my own health around with techniques I developed to rebuild resilience rather than try to live in a stress-free bubble.

  • I'm the 7th chiropractor in my family, eldest of 6 children, and was raised with a strong focus on a natural healing and wellness lifestyle grounded in chiropractic, yoga, Buddhist and Native American spirit practices, herbal medicine, organic food, music and art.

  • I'm enamored with contemporary jazz dance, and have found the therapeutic warmup exercises to be instrumental in my own recovery...and have even adapted many of them into patient care!

Satya's Signature Talks

Satya provides strategies to amplify resilience to stress so you're more able to do what you're here to do, without trying to live in a stress-free bubble or spend hours a day meditating and at the gym.

Navigating the Places that Bind Us: The Science of Long-Lasting Resilience

Integrative Therapeutic Resonance: How to Facilitate Lasting Improvement

Lecture for care providers; attendees take home strategies for applying their specific therapeutic techniques from a unique framework for more consistent, powerful, and long-lasting results.

Satya Brings the Energy!

Dr. Satya Sardonicus's attendees will leave feeling energized, having a greater resilience to personal stressors, trauma, and work stress, as well as a fuller capacity to express their own work in the world.


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