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I am a passionate chiropractor, wife, mother, chiropractic consultant and entrepreneur. I have the unique ability to connect with my audience in an authentic way to motivate and inspire them to gain confidence.


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Fascinating facts about Dr. Lindsey

1.  Established a MD Referral based practice over the past 16 years and am now teaching Chiropractor's how it's done!  2.  Dominated my debt and became debt free by the age of 40.  3. Overcame a huge financial, physical and emotional crisis during the 2008 economy meltdown by focusing on what I have control of.

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Dr. Lindsey's Signature Presentations

Be an Option!

Health Care professionals are making referrals every day. If you want to become THE CHIROPRACTOR on a referral list, Dr. Lindsey can teach you the strategies that will help get you on that list!


MD's Want to KNOW YOU

Have you wondered about marketing to Medical Doctors but you feel like this is enemy territory? In this lecture you will learn how MD's truly think, what they say behind closed doors and how best to communicate with them to build profitable relationships.


We are the Opioid Solution!

The biggest pharmaceutical epidemic in the history of time is right here, right now! Opioids! In this presentation learn how you can position yourself as a solution to this problem. Health care professionals are looking for alternative ways to help their patients. There is no better time then now to be a chiropractor for this reason alone!


How to Build InstaCredibility!

Building Credibility is the best way to position yourself! Learn how to communicate with health care professionals and build InstaCredibility. Building credibility not only helps the Chiropractor, but has the potential to move the chiropractic needle!


The Perfect Prospect vs the Perfect Suspect

Have you felt exhausted by your marketing efforts because of the quality of patient's your marketing is attracting? No need to question your systems, it may have everything to do with the quality of your marketing. Learn how to bring the Perfect Prospects into your office and turn those marketing events into a success every time.


MD Marketing Saves You BIG TIME & Money

What is a Healthy Relationship worth? What is a Healthy Referral Relationship worth? Both are worth it's weight in Gold. However, when it comes to marketing, a solid relationship with one MD can be worth a fortune! In this presentation, Dr. Lindsey breaks the numbers down and shows you the real return on your investment!



Become empowered to not only make a choice, but to implement. Dr. Lindsey inspires her audience to take action!


How to Create a Marketing Plan that will Fill Your Practice!

Marketing is ever evolving. You need to change with the times. Dr. Lindsey's strength over the past 16 years in practice has been her passion for marketing! Learn some of her strategies that have helped her to fill her practice to become one of the most successful female owned practices on the east coast.


Opportunities are Everywhere!

Marketing opportunities are everywhere! Here is an example of how an every day office encounter can turn into a perfect opportunity to market to a health care professional. Dr. Lindsey helps you to recognize and capitalize on these encounters!


Not Taking Action

Dr. Lindsey has always been passionate about Chiropractic! The best way to share this passion, is to funnel this passion into your marketing. Dr. Lindsey feels strongly about empowering other Chiropractors to Step Up and Step Out to share their passion and Chiropractic message.


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