Introducing Dr. Melissa Longo

Dr. Melissa Longo is a chiropractor who operates a thriving private practice while mothering two amazing young men. Currently, she produces and hosts a Podcast for women in Chiropractic, mentors women on business success and lifestyle balance, and lives a happy healthy life!

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Impressive Achievements and Accomplishments

  • In addition to private practice, Dr. Melissa produced and hosted the community
    television show Good Living, Good Health, and is a featured health expert on many
    other television and radio shows.
  • An active volunteer, she has led health education sessions in elementary schools supported baseball and hockey programs, taught sexual health for Big Brothers Big Sisters, and been involved in advocacy work on behalf of Midwifery care and the reduction of pesticide use within her community.
  • Passionate about parenting, entrepreneurial life, and supporting other women, Dr.
    Melissa is currently the producer and host of 2 Podcasts: Everyday Rockstar Moms &
    Rockstar Doctor Moms. She shares her messages on communication, parenting,
    lifestyle design, business growth, and healthy living by mentoring other women,
    speaking internationally, and providing online resources and trainings to help women
    find more joy, and less stress in their lives.
  • When not in practice, working with other women, or doing media appearances, you’ll
    find Dr. Melissa cooking for her growing active sons, chauffeuring them to their sports or school activities, reminding them to tidy their rooms, and doing her best to be present with them while still taking care of her own needs as a woman!
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Dr. Melissa Longo's Signature Presentations

Dr. Melissa Longo gives practical tips, real-life experiences, embraces imperfection and introduces ideas that are easily implemented. She is known for being concise, relatable, upbeat, and a little badass.

Lead With Love

Rock Your Business & Family Life With Ideas of Possibility Potential

Are you inspiring your team, patients,and children with ideas of possibility and potential, and using your values as a starting point? Or have your communications been subtly influenced by limitations, fears and false beliefs? In this session with Dr. Melissa Longo you'll learn important considerations for all your communications, ways to increase your influence, and enhance your relationships with the people who matter to you in your workplace, and your home.
*Lecture with slides; worksheet to complete during or after presentation.

Your Practice, Your Way

Creating, growing, and sustaining a practice through different stages of family life and finding what works for your family. Clarity around your business values, dream life and how to combine them into a lifestyle that supports your professional aspirations and personal goals.

Getting to know Dr. Melissa Longo

  • Dr. Melissa lost her practice and financial stability when she went through divorce, but rebuilt her life and practice as a single mom to create a business and lifestyle that she loves

  • Dr. Melissa embraces her natural hair colour and has been bravely rocking her grey hair at a young age for the past two years.

  • A foodie and music lover, when not in practice, or with her sons, you'll often find her at a music event or dancing in her kitchen while cooking!

  • Dr. Melissa brings attention to the often unsexy life as a mother and entrepreneur, leading women through the challenges of raising healthy kids and building a business so that they can find greater health, more JOY, and true clarity about what 'having it all' is for them

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Dr. Melissa Longo is based in Ontario, Canada and speaks internationally. She promises your audiences will feel more understood, less alone, supported, inspired to make change and have realistic ideas to get to their goals after hearing her speak.


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