Introducing Dr. Lisa Thomson

Dr. Lisa Thomson is a chiropractor in Los Angeles. I often speak to mothers as I feel this demographic often neglects their health to put their family's needs first. I also speak on the VBAC. My second child was a VBAC and I am incredibly passionate in helping ladies who had c-sections to have a child without unnecessary surgery.

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Lisa is based in the Los Angeles area and is willing to travel.

Getting to know Dr. Lisa Thomson

  •  In 2014 I had a successful VBAC, which is one of the most incredible moments of my life.

  • After tearing my PCL and MCL in my right knee, then my ACL in my left knee, I was able to come back from surgery/months off to be captain of my college soccer team.

  •  After I graduated from chiropractic school in Florida, I packed up my car and drove out to California where I met my now husband and started my practice. (I am from NY originally but I feel in love with the California coast when I was 16.)

Lisa's Signature Talks

"I aim to inspire people to take care of their physical and mental health. I lead by example as I am a busy mom/wife/doctor, yet I understand the importance of self care. I also inspire moms who have had c-sections to attempt a VBAC as they are rarely given the support they need via the medical model."

Healthy, Happy Mom - The importance of taking care of YOU

I have a powerpoint that I am constantly updating that discusses the importance of self care for moms. I discuss physical and mental health, the importance of a health diet, proper exercise, and having a healthy stress reliever.

The VBAC - What the medical model fails to mention

I have a powerpoint that discusses facts and details about a c-section vs. vaginal birth. I also discuss the disturbing rise in c-section rates and why. My aim is to empower women to try for a birth the way they want and to not feel broken after a c-section.

Dr. Thomson Brings the Energy!

Lisa's audiences leave motivated and ready to make changes to better themselves with a feeling of empowerment, optimism and are prepared for whatever comes their way.


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