Introducing Dr. Krysti Wick

Empowered, connected, inspired, and ready to take ACTION! Dr. Krysti’s personal mission is to empower Chiropractors to find their own authentic version of success. She asks the tough questions with love to ensure attendees leave with a renewed sense of hope, an urgency to find their WHY, and a true commitment to never stop taking action!


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Dr. Krysti Wick's Career Highlights

  • Opened a solo practice at 23   
  • Saw 325+/week solo in only 3 days/week with an infant/toddler at home (while "balancing" motherhood)
  • Became Chief Integration Officer (Chief Epic Integrator) for Epic Practice by the Age of 31
  • Grew my pediatric patient base by 390% in 12 months
  • Have mentored hundreds of Doctors
  • Established and successfully fuel/lead one of the only (?) female groups within a "management company" platform (Epic Women's Group)
  • Personal Practice Branding has seen us nominated for Business of the Year in our community twice and won the award in 2014

Krysti's Signature Presentation

My audience FEELS that they are not alone. They understand that obstacles can be overcome if you can not only create an authentic vision for yourself, but COMMIT yourself to it.

The Choice is Yours

Empowering Docs to find their voice and their authentic vision then COMMIT to taking action.  The audience will leave with Personal Development strategies as well as practice building strategies.  The power of my personal story is woven within the thread of this talk.  Format and length can vary (I have delivered an 18 min. TED talk all the way to a 90 minute detailed PPT with specific strategies).

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Dr. Krysti Wick is based in Wisconsin yet speaks throughout the United States.


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