Introducing Dr. Jessica Harden

Dr. Jessica Harden's mission is to leave people better than before she met them. Inspire, reignite passion, encourage people to become their best, and break deep concepts into simple steps.

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Jessica's Why

Dr. Harden's "Why" is to restore hope where hope has been lost. She has worked with and mentored hundreds of students and doctors across the nation through AMPED. Jessica has a huge passion for empowering others, especially women.

Experienced and Accomplished

Continuously involved in research, I have had the opportunity to share at the International Research and Symposium. As of 2017, I have taught 9 seminars based teaching the chiropractic technique Pierce RESULTS System. I have spoken at Life Vision, Mile High, Sherman Student lyceum, and numerous AMPED and Launch events.

Within just five years in practice, my office became one of the top 3 three largest PRS offices in the country. I have three published studies and four more in the making. I started an organization called FLIGHT.

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Dr. Jessica Harden's Signature Presentations

Your audience will be inspired, passions stirred, moved to take action, and more confident in their ability to create.

Clarity Amidst Chaos

Tips and tactics to use when you feel things are "out of control" in practice and life. Some simple, some complex. You would be shocked to find how easy these are to implement. 

It's Different, Not Harder

We as women (men too) have this tendency to think that because we are women, our situation to open a practice is harder. This stems from a comparison and vision problem and this presentations digs in deeper as to what specifically perpetuates that idea and how to step away from it.

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