Dr. Janice Hughes

I help people focus on simple and tangible action steps. By coaching and guiding people to become clear on their next simplest action step, everyone walks away feeling empowered and inspired to take actions. There is no overwhelm – simplicity and action steps are my signature style.


Speaking Topics

I have a wide range of experience from podcasts to webinars, small group workshop formats, and then multiple types and styles of stage presence. A short list of speaking topics includes:

Money Mindset

Keynote, lectures, and workshops available, each focusing on the 12 Principles and Categories to identify your moneymindset and tools and strategies to implement immediately to upgrade your thinking. Simple tools allow some immediate distinctions and change, and then implementation creates 30, 60 and 90 day plans to make change.

The 29 Laws of Attractability

Keynote, lectures, and workshops available. Thoughts Become Things = creating awareness of the model of attraction and specific strategies to upgrade your own skills of attracting more of what you want into your life and business. 7 categories are broken down into laws and action steps.

Unleash Your Leadership

This presentation or workshop defines leadership and the distinct styles of leadership. Understanding leadership and personality work then enables people to learn the skills and tools to become a more empowered and inspiring leader. This program is customized to serve your organizational needs – whether building management teams, grooming leaders from within the organization, or simply enhancing your sales force skills and expertise.

A Message from Dr. Janice Hughes

I have a wide range of experience from podcasts to webinars, small group workshop formats, and then multiple types and styles of stage presence.


Dr. Janice Hughes Brings the Energy & Experience

Janice has travelled to speak on stages around the world. Stages and venues include all the way from small and intimate group settings for workshops to stages of 10K and larger. Her message translates from podcasts, webinars, online workshops and live events. Her expertise is vast, including coaching and training health practitioners around the world, coaching and empowering CEO’s and executives, leadership training and development, and as an entrepreneur being involved in the start up of a company that will change the lives of children and families with Autism.

Overcoming Obstacles


Inspired Wealth - Financial Leadership


Business & Leadership | Emotions Surrounding Money


Business & Leadership | Money Equals Energy


Business & Leadership | Honor Who You Are


Business & Leadership | Build A Business


28 Laws | A Different Way Of Doing Business


Values Become Your Destiny

Values Attraction Prosperity


Tolerations and Distractions

Values Attraction Prosperity


Do Your Goals Align With Your Values

Values Attraction Prosperity


More Speaking Topics

These presentations can be uniquely styled to fit your company, including keynote presentations, workshops, and then also a year long program to train individuals or departments within your company.

Build Your Personal Foundation

Personal and business growth are completely intertwined. Our business can only grow to the extent that we as individuals grow ourselves and our skills. This presentation is more than just personal growth – it’s about building your foundation as individuals, teams and organizations. What are the categories and actions to do this? How do we help you set new lofty goals and hit those targets? 

You Are Your Values

Give me 5 minutes with you and I can learn your values – do you know yours? Your values are the things that matter the most to you. Learn why understanding this leads to a more fulfilling life for individuals, and why this is the quality that can take your organization to heightened levels of growth and success. Keynote, lectures, and workshop formats are available.

Leadership and Values

Values Attraction Prosperity


Personality, Passion and Purpose

Values Attraction Prosperity


We Are Our Values

Values Attraction Prosperity


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