Introducing Dr. Cheryl Schmitt

Dr. Cheryl Schmitt is a Chiropractor, mom and a business owner. She started her practice from scratch and has flourished for over 17 years. Dr. Cheryl Schmitt focuses on pregnancy and pediatrics as well as holistic wellness health care. She is Webster technique certified and certified in Chiropractic pediatrics through the ICPA. She believes in empowering people to trust their body and to be fearless when it comes to possibilities.

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Dr. Schmitt speaks in Washington State, Idaho State, Oregon State and British Columbia.

Getting to know Dr. Cheryl Schmitt

  • Her focused has been on Pregnancy and Pediatrics for over 15 years.
  • She learned to swim and overcame some serious fears to become a triathlete at 39.
  • Homebirthed all 4 of her kids-And that makes her a superhero.

Dr. Cheryl Schmitt Brings the Energy!

Cheryl's audience will leave educated and empowered to believe they are POWERfull beyond their expectations.

Dr. Cheryl Schmitt's Signature Presentations

Cheryl's audience will learn facts to support them in their certainty and confidence. They will leave feeling empowered and valuable.

Empowering the Patient. Empowering their Future.

Providing evidence and information on innate healing and power of self healing. Showing the audience how empowering the patient creates a healthier future and an "onboard" client. Creating a shift in their paradigm and making them the masters in their own health journey. Lecture/Slide presentation. The audience will be trusting of themselves more and empowered.

Chiropractic, Pregnancy, Pediatrics and beyond.

I will show research and case studies showing the power of chiropractic in assisting in healthier pregnancies and deliveries. I will explain how this is vitally important in the health of the mother and the newborn. I will relate health conditions to adverse events in birth and infancy and show the audience how important chiropractic care is in shifting the health of not only the individual but collectively as the planet.

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Cheryl supports her audience with love, kindness and guidance to become the best version of themselves and shows them that even a petite, quiet, woman can be a badass.


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