Introducing Cheryl Bradshaw

Cheryl Bradshaw is the author of “How to Like Yourself,” published April 2016 with New Harbinger Publications, and expert speaker.

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Cheryl's Story

I started in teaching, but when a student collapsed in my classroom and we learned that she was suffering the effects of trying to take her life earlier that day, I had a moment of realization. How could I stand up at the front of the room and teach about the circulatory system when some of my students weren't sure they wanted to live to see the next day? I've dedicated my career to mental health and tackling the surrounding stigma.

Experienced and Accomplished

Cheryl Bradshaw is the author of “How to Like Yourself,” published April 2016 with New Harbinger Publications, and expert speaker.

#1 best-seller on Amazon's new releases list for How to Like Yourself.

Featured on Breakfast Television Calgary, Global's The Morning Show, CBC's Fresh Air, Today's Parent, and more for her book How to Like Yourself. 

She is a counsellor/therapist at the University of Guelph, Registered Psychotherapist working in private practice in her hometown of Waterdown, ON, using CBT, narrative, existential, ACT, and SFT approaches. She was a counsellor at Sheridan College, and has a background in teaching prior to her career in counseling and life coaching.

She has worked with and supports, an organization dedicated to youth mental health awareness, empowerment, and leadership in educational institutions across Canada.

She is a “role model” as well with Wear Your Label, a fashion company that tackles the stigma of mental illness.

She is the event co-lead for the International Youth Festival, and continues to work with and volunteer with schools and charities to talk about youth and young adult mental health and self-esteem.

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Cheryl Bradshaw's Signature Presentations

Audience members will feel a deeper awareness of themselves, a more authentic connection to their lives and their mental health, and inspiration to lean into the discomfort of life and embrace uncertainty, and ready to take the next steps to helping break down the stigma of mental health.

Unlocking Emotional Resilience "Keys to Success" to Survive Vulnerability in Leadership

How we speak to ourselves inside our own head, and how this can affect the way we feel, the way we act, and the chances we take in our lives. Audience members will take away a renewed sense of engagement in vulnerability and connection with their own values and goals in life.

Lecture/workshop style with slides and audience engagement activities.

Youth Mental Health - What Your Teen Wants You To Know

This talk is geared for parents of teens, and talks about the realities of what teens go through, how their brains work, and the importance of parenting around difficult or complicated topics. Included are tips and tricks to tackle some of the "harder conversations" and create proactive emotional health practices while raising teens.

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Cheryl Bradshaw has spoken throughout Canada and US, and some parts of Europe (Mainly England, Scotland, Ireland - will consider other requests as they arise for feasibility).


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